An efficient way to manage the service or systems to run smoothly in a facility is to enroll for a FSTS IT AMC, or annual maintenance contract. Quality is an important factor in the field of competition. The maintenance of the equipment is essential if you want the computer, machines, or other accessories to work at their peak. A telecom or IT infrastructure breakdown that is unintended is always a possibility in a company. Risk can be significantly reduced with the aid of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs). Typically, contracts last for a year, but they can be extended by 3 or 5 years if both parties agree.

  • IT manager and professional engineer support: With FSTS IT AMC solutions, a dedicated manager and engineer ensure that all of your legal and regulatory obligations are fulfilled in order to reduce any potential risk to you or your company.
  • Online and telephone IT assistance: FSTS have a skilled team that keeps an eye on your IT infrastructure like to ensure long-term effectiveness and prompt responses when needed. Computers, server infrastructure, PBX, and CCTV to ensure long-term effectiveness and prompt responses when needed. Remote 7 days a week also distance training and consulting.
  • Monitoring and proactive maintenance: Instead of making you await for problems to occur, we proactively deploy patches, updates, and fixes in the background.
  • Maintenance & Security for Software: Maintain ongoing support services for software maintenance, and determine the best plan to enhance the experience of business users by expanding or contracting the scope of software services.
  • Recovery and backup of data: With regard to your company’s size and data needs, our IT AMC solutions guarantee year-round backup and recovery services.
  • Further services: 24/7 server and network monitoring is performed on a regular basis (capacity and performance) and Planning for DR & continuity. Purchasing and supplying IT products also account manager for dedicated on-site engineers IT outsourcing