Providers of professional networking services in the UAE.

Businesses now invest a lot of money in reliable IT infrastructure. The networking solution needs to be dependable in order to support the IT infrastructure that a company has. FSTS has consistently been one of the leading networking service providers in the UAE. Our internal team has years of very professional experience and is quite qualified. Our key asset is the staff, which we professionally train to meet any networking requirements.

  • Network Security Solutions – Give your company access to the most recent network solution from to speed up your network. The productivity of the entire organization will grow by maintaining an effective and responsive IT infrastructure. For additional details, kindly
  • Firewall – FSTS is renowned for providing tried-and-true methods to enhance your company from within. All access to networking resources will be managed by our firewall system solutions, which will also stop some “suspicious” data ports from causing harm to your system as a whole. Therefore, our firewall solutions safeguard the integrity of your business from viruses, forced and unauthorized access, and unauthorized data sources.
  • Router and Switch Solution – Computers, mobile phones, VoIP devices, and other peripherals are all connected by a network. Networking relies on routers, switches, and wireless access points because they enable communication between networked devices as well as between networks. Your Telephony gadget will only function in this manner. You will need a specialist like FSTS who is skilled in networking, routing, and switching whether you use kind of brand to connect all the systems in your company to the same network.
  • Network Consultancy and Solution – Networks form the skeleton of all information networks, whether they are hosted in the cloud or on-premises. The complexity of network design and engineering has grown as a result of the proliferation of data-bearing devices, Wi-Fi, heterogeneity of typologies, and the integration of on-premises and cloud networks. If you add computer hacking’s increasing pace to the mix, you have an overwhelming problem that can only be solved with the help of outside experts.