To secure their facilities, businesses of all sizes need reliable, cutting-edge access control systems. For years, FSTS has made it simple for millions of people to enter buildings including workplaces, hospitals, and classrooms. Our goal is to assist your firm in locating the optimum access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to cutting-edge programs like the FSTS Access system.

  • Systems for access control can reduce security risks and give you peace of mind. Installing an access control system in businesses and organizations is a must if you want to protect the security of your commercial space.
  • We design access control systems using the greatest and most cutting-edge technology to safeguard hotels, workplaces, healthcare facilities, public structures, the retail industry, apartments, country clubs, educational institutions, and more.

Our access control systems’ benefits

  • Aid in tracking and limiting specific regions across your enterprise.
  • Reduce the likelihood of theft by safeguarding your valuables.
  • Feature time and attendance tracking and auditing.
  • Provides a secure workplace.
  • Saves money by avoiding costly rekeying after employee departure.
  • Restricts access to delicate places.

Access control solutions we provide:

  • Card Reader With Keypad
  • Door Contact
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Break Glass
  • Push Button
  • Verities of controller


End To End Technology Solutions & Products

Our access control systems is a combination of integrated solution for commercial and residential industry. These solutions are based on highest quality standards that can be customized to every business. We are the most reliable & trusted supplier of complete range of fingerprint, IRIS, Face Recognition, Palm Vein , RFID door access control systems in Dubai. UAE.