For Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, we provide installation and maintenance services.

One dish is used by SMATV, also known as Single Master Antenna Television or Satellite Master Antenna Television, to supply and operate a variety of channels to several televisions. For SMA TV design, supply, installation, and maintenance (SMATV AMC) in Dubai and around the UAE, FSTS provides a wide range of services. We provide most satellite TV channels, radio channels, and bespoke channels from internet streaming platforms through our SMATV systems in accordance with the needs of the client.

We offer the top satellite dish installation services. We are very dedicated to each project and have a wealth of experience in the field of catering SMATV services. When it comes to providing dependable digital TV SMA systems to the hospitality and residential industries, FSTS is the only option worth considering. Residential buildings and hotel upgrades in UAE are both fully supported by our SMATV technology. As an alternative to cable television, SMA TV systems for hospitality allow you to tailor the content to the needs and preferences of your target audience.

For hotels, hospitals, airports, commercial buildings, governmental and educational institutions, retail malls, etc., we possess vast experience installing SMATV and CATV systems.

RF Analog SMATV System

  • We offer RF PAL/Analogue Cable TV systems that use DVB S/S2/S2X tuners to convert signals from satellites from DVB into audio-video signals, which are then modulated into 1 RF channel.
  • Converting a variety of audio-video signals to RF channels before combining them into a single cable signal. Local sources like the internal channel may be included in this stream as well. A channel count restriction applies to the SMATV RF analog system.


  • A community distribution system for signals obtained via satellite, terrestrial networks, or radio is known as SMATV, or Single Master Antenna Television (also known as Satellite Master Antenna Television). There are several switches related to various satellite feeds.
  • With the help of the right satellite receivers and decoders, the end user can get the channels thanks to these switches, which distribute signals. We offer Dubai and the UAE’s most affordable SMATV system.

Principal industries we serve

  • The hospitality industry comprises lodging facilities, medical facilities, clinics, and retirement and care homes.
  • Corporate sectors include businesses, shipping, incarceration, and oil rigs.
  • Universities, colleges, and schools are all part of the educational industry.

Major SMATV System Components

  • Fiber for satellite farms and dish antennas
  • RF network with vertical and horizontal cabling
  • Amplifying, tap offs, and splitting
  • Front-end system

RF digital SMATV system

  • In some circumstances, both a digital aerial and a satellite dish are used to transmit signals, and a head-end equipment is placed to receive the signals. This component distributes the signals to each location after processing the signals into the pre-selected range of RF channels.
  • The user can then instantly access some channels on the television. We spread the signals using multi-switches/headend systems, amplifiers, taps, and other components, and we use most modern QAM and COFDM technology.
  • Our satellite TV channel distribution solutions serve a variety of functions and have gained widespread acclaim across numerous business sectors. We make every effort to satisfy consumer by provide higher-quality services.
  • With the receivers’ inbuilt advanced transport stream processing capabilities, users can choose freely from a range of free-to-air and scrambled services from DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, or DVB-ASI sources.

Our Services for SMATV

  • We offer the greatest SMATV services that enable you to get programs directly from a satellite as one of the top SMATV service providers in UAE.
  • We create and install SMATV and offer long-term solutions in accordance with the particular needs of our clients.
  • Sports events, corporate broadcasts, educational programs, and programs in foreign languages are all part of the programming packages you can pick from.

We release the majority of satellite channels, radio channels, and customized channels in accordance with the needs of the client.


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