An automation system is a fusion of detectors, sensors, and controllers that are also built to accomplish a task with little to no assistance from individuals. Always on hand to make your stress-free would-be FSTS.

Every industry is continually increasing the expectations placed on contemporary equipment and facilities. You can satisfy all criteria with the automation systems from FSTS and enjoy the highest levels of effectiveness, adaptability, and cost savings. The lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances in a home will all be monitored and/or controlled by an automation system. Access control and alarm systems for home security may also be included. Appliances are a significant component of the Internet of Things (IoT) when they are connected to the Internet.

Our automation systems’ benefits

  • Smart Shades & Lights: With no effort on your part, schedule lighting adjustments or dimmer switches at any time! Never again stress over forgetting to switch off the lights.
  • Door locks & Home Security: FSTS provides a variety of security cameras to meet any need. We have the ideal security system for your budget, including day/night vision, Wi-Fi cameras, and panoramic lenses.
  • Voice Command: Easily manage every gadget in your home or place of business with a few simple words! We have you covered whether you want to adjust the thermostat, turn on the TV, or raise the blinds.
  • Home Theater & Multi-Room Audio: Without skipping a beat, listen to podcasts or watch movies! Furthermore, we provide advisory services so you may create the ideal sound system for any space in your home.
  • Temperature control: FSTS provides a cutting-edge solution; we utilize intelligent sensors and algorithms to select the best settings and make sure your area is constantly at the ideal temperature.
  • Touch-screen panels: Our panels’ slick, contemporary design makes programming quick and simple. The touchscreen interface, which offers a variety of functionality to meet all your demands, enables you to input data with just a simple tap of your finger.


End To End Technology Solutions & Products

Our access control systems is a combination of integrated solution for commercial and residential industry. These solutions are based on highest quality standards that can be customized to every business. We are the most reliable & trusted supplier of complete range of fingerprint, IRIS, Face Recognition, Palm Vein , RFID door access control systems in Dubai. UAE.