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ELV & security system solutions are offered by Frequency star and are entirely customized for each client. We cover all modern software, such as IPTV, SMATV, CCTV, digital signage (public address systems), home automation, information and communication technologies (ICT), audio/video solutions, fire alarm systems, access control, and detection systems, among many others, that are quickly progressing into necessary elements of each and every infrastructure. Technical assistance is delivered promptly and is accessible via our highly qualified specialists. We guarantee that you receive all the help you require in real time. Use the most cutting-edge innovation and economical resources to make FSTS your system provider.

Our ELV & Security System Services

In order to provide cutting-edge, dependable, and affordable solutions for ELV technology, the FSTS Team assembles a team of business specialists. By providing the newest technologies, we hope to improve the comfort and intelligence of your home or place of business. We are committed to developing products that make your life easier and shed new light on dependability, effectiveness, and quality. Contact us now to receive trustworthy services and systems.

Supply, Installation, Testing, and Commissioning of the entire ELV & Security Systems includes the following but is not limited to:

  • Access Control System
  • Automation System Services
  • CCTV Surveillance & Security System/ IP Surveillance
  • Information & Communication Systems/ Structured Cabling
  • Gate Barriers Services
  • Intercom System Services
  • IPTV & SMATV Services and More
  • AMC Services (Annual Maintenance Contract)

Access control SYSTEMS Services

To secure their facilities, businesses of all sizes need reliable, cutting-edge access control systems. For years, FSTS has made it simple for millions of people to enter buildings including workplaces, hospitals, and classrooms. Our goal is to assist your firm in locating the optimum access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to cutting-edge programs like the FSTS Access system.

Our Products

  • Card Reader With Key Pad
  • Door Contact
  • Magnetic Lock
  • Break Glass
  • Push Button
  • Verities of controller
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Automation System Services

An automation system is a fusion of detectors, sensors, and controllers that are also built to accomplish a task with little to no assistance from individuals. Always on hand to make your stress-free would-be FSTS.

Our Products

  • Smart Shades & Lights
  • Door locks & Home Security
  • Voice Command
  • Home Theater & Multi-Room Audio
  • Temperature Control
  • Touch Screen Panels
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CCTV and Security Surveillance Services

Take proactive security measures to reduce internal and external dangers whether for your house or your business. CCTV surveillance can help users keep a close eye on happenings while also thwarting potential dangers like theft and other attacks. Therefore, it is wise to consider investing in CCTV security with all the illegal activities happening about investing in CCTV security with all the illegal activities going on nearby.

Our Products

  • Dome
  • Bullet
  • ANPR
  • PTZ
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Automation Gate Barrier System Services

To regulate vehicle entry or traffic in both private and public locations, automatic Gate barriers are physical security solutions. The majority of indoor structures, including hotels, supermarkets, and industrial infrastructures, have parking lots that are serviced by automatic berries. In toll booths, where automatic barriers specifically created for the highway market are employed, automatic barriers also find application.

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Intercom System Services

The highest level of technological expertise and outstanding simplicity are being used by Intercom to safeguard homes and buildings.The most modern intercom systems available in the market today from FSTS have effective design, excellent performance, dependable construction, and water resistance. We may outfit your Intercom system with handset or hands-free interior units, audio-only or audio-video inputs, embedded door panels, surface door panels, or any combination of these things based on your requirements and preferences.

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IPTV System Services

Among the top firms in the UAE which deals with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) systems.

In place of standard radio frequency broadcast or satellite channels, IPTV systems are designed and served using the major tech of the Internet Protocols. In the UAE, one of the top IPTV service providers is Frequency Star. The success of IPTV in the hospitality sector in Dubai and the entire UAE is credited to FSTS. Among the commercial operations in the hospitality are hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism, resorts, etc. For the best IPTV UAE service, FSTS will plan, build, and execute IPTV hospitality sector services in a more appealing and tailored manner based on customer needs. To make IPTV the greatest guest entertainment solution, we provide hotel IPTV solutions in a more reliable and flexible form.

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For Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, we provide installation and maintenance services.

One dish is used by SMATV, also known as Single Master Antenna Television or Satellite Master Antenna Television, to supply and operate a variety of channels to several televisions. For SMA TV design, supply, installation, and maintenance (SMATV AMC) in Dubai and around the UAE, FSTS provides a wide range of services. We provide the majority of satellite TV channels, radio channels, and bespoke channels from internet streaming platforms through our SMATV systems in accordance with the needs of the client.

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A system that satisfies all the standards for a trustworthy PA/GA that safeguards lives, along with its concept, construction, and distribution.

A field-tested design must be given because the PA/GA industry application is a crucial system for the safety of the workers and needs to be fully functional in an emergency to allow for a safe evacuation of the site. A system that is designed, built, and supplied to meet or exceed the specifications for a dependable PA/GA that protects lives.

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End To End Technology Solutions & Products

Our ELV & security system is a combination of integrated solution for commercial and residential industry. The solution is based on highest quality standards that can be customized to every business.