Effectively transmit information using a structured cabling system.

A computer network’s structured cabling system is a set of cables and related devices that aids in data transmission or phone service. It facilitates communication infrastructure organization and effectively transports data. In structured cabling, a number of different cable types are employed, each with a distinct function. Fiber optics composed of optical fibers are mostly used by structured cabling systems to transport data. For long-distance and high-speed connectivity requirements, we primarily use fiber optic cables.

Some additionally employ copper wires that are primarily suited for voice transmission over constrained bandwidth. It is lightweight and capable of transporting both data and electricity. Fiber optic and copper cabling are available from FSTS, one of the top and customer-focused structured cabling service providers in the UAE, and may help your system run cooler, require less maintenance, and integrate with the infrastructure more easily.

In addition, we offer cable system design and testing to address all of your problems with cabling systems and services. Whatever your need, FSTS’ qualified team can make it simple no matter how comprehensive or varied. Give IT Solutions a call to learn more.


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