Among the top firms in the UAE which deals with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) systems.

In place of standard radio frequency broadcast or satellite channels, IPTV systems are designed and served using the major tech of the Internet Protocols. In the UAE, one of the top IPTV service providers is Frequency Star. The success of IPTV in the hospitality sector in Dubai and the entire UAE is credited to FSTS. Among the commercial operations in the hospitality are hotels, restaurants, travel and tourism, resorts, etc. For the best IPTV UAE service, FSTS will plan, build, and execute IPTV hospitality sector services in a more appealing and tailored manner based on customer needs. To make IPTV the greatest guest entertainment solution, we provide hotel IPTV solutions in a more reliable and flexible form.

For the effective delivery of IPTV in the hospitality business in Dubai and the entire UAE, Frequency star is Fantastic. Businesses in the hospitality sector include hotels, restaurants, travel & tourism, resorts, and more. We will plan, build, and execute IPTV hospitality sector services in a more appealing and tailored style, and will offer the best IPTV UAE service, according to customer needs. In order to make IPTV the finest option for guest entertainment, we create hotel IPTV solutions that are more dependable and adaptable.

In the UAE, there is a rising need for TV signal distribution more than a Local Area Network (LAN). IPTV headend, which receives and converts TV signals, as part of the whole service offered by FSTS. In UAE, we have a skilled engineering team for IPTV configuration and installation. They polish your uncertainty and give the greatest IPTV in the UAE. In order to meet the IPTV requirements of the client in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Qatar, we help set up the network architecture and distribution equipment at the client location. Our trouble-free service will boost client satisfaction and confidence thanks to our smart IPTV

Headend for IPTV

  • We offer adaptable and potent head-end systems at FSTS, a company that specializes in IPTV solutions. Our IPTV headend accepts signals from satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IP inputs to be processed on simultaneous outputs.
  • With all essential enclosures and a secure setting, we are more than capable of serving IPTV Headends. The consumer has an alternative to pay channel due to our conditional access solution.
  • Our IPTV headend systems serve a number of functions and have gained widespread acclaim across numerous business sectors. We make every effort to suit the needs of the consumer by providing higher-quality services.

These premium solutions provide high quality and dependable experiences while guaranteeing a durable and long-term functioning. For customers, a fantastic collection of features is developed to allow for a greater choice of services.

Middleware for IPTV

  • Frequency, an IPTV supplier, offers consumers in the Mideast area with both on-site and cloud-based middleware solutions for IPTV.
  • Major functions like radio, messaging, PMS integration, language, the internet, and many others are added to our middleware to make it more feature-rich.
  • Features that can provide comfort include an alarm clock, an alarm visualization, a news ticker, weather data, exchange rates, prayer times, and a train/flight schedule.
  • Personalized welcome message, TV stations with the finest digital quality, and TV and radio shows organized by language and genre. streaming of private content from mobile devices to the TV.
  • Information on the hotel’s restaurants, spa, and other amenities, as well as many more options like bill insight, expedited checkout, in-room ordering for room service or a butler.

The main industries we serve

  • The hospitality industry comprises lodging facilities, medical facilities, clinics, and retirement and care homes.
  • corporate sectors include businesses, shipping, incarceration, and oil rigs.
  • Universities, colleges, and schools are all part of the educational industry.


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