To regulate vehicle entry or traffic in both private and public locations, automatic Gate barriers are physical security solutions. The majority of indoor structures, including hotels, supermarkets, and industrial infrastructures, have parking lots that are serviced by automatic berries. In toll booths, where automatic barriers specifically created for the highway market are employed, automatic barriers also find application.

Our gate barrier systems’ benefits

  • It is possible to use gate barriers for a longer amount of time because they are composed of high-quality materials, and they are perfect for use in any weather because they are water-resistant. Conveniently controlling traffic flow while also securing your property are possible with these barriers.

  • Automated gate barriers and parking space barriers are truly a great idea for securing your property while reducing the need for tiresome physical labor. An effective device with valuable characteristics, the gate barrier includes: Managed Security Automatically Prevents unwanted vehicle entry into a certain property and is used for Traffic Direction.

  • We are thrilled to provide you with the very best system available thanks to the assistance of our dependable partners throughout the world.

  • Along with offering top-notch items, we also make sure to offer our customers excellent service.

  • In fact, it is certain that the gate barriers we offer will keep you and your property safe for a longer time.

  • There are many different styles and lengths of gate barriers. Vehicle entry and exit are observed, and the registration number of each vehicle is also recorded.


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Our access control systems is a combination of integrated solution for commercial and residential industry. These solutions are based on highest quality standards that can be customized to every business. We are the most reliable & trusted supplier of complete range of fingerprint, IRIS, Face Recognition, Palm Vein , RFID door access control systems in Dubai. UAE.