A system that satisfies all the standards for a trustworthy PA/GA that safeguards lives, along with its concept, construction, and distribution.

A field-tested design must be given because the PA/GA industry application is a crucial system for the safety of the workers and needs to be fully functional in an emergency to allow for a safe evacuation of the site. A system that is designed, built, and supplied to meet or exceed the specifications for a dependable PA/GA that protects lives.

Using loudspeakers, the PA/GA transmits alarm tones, pre-recorded messages, emergency voice messages, and routine voice messages to all or specific locations within the institution. Flashing lights (beacons) supplement spoken communications and audio alarms in environments with a lot of background noise.

A dedicated hardwired interface between the Fire and Gas Detection System and the Emergency Shutdown System main panel allows for the human or automatic activation of alarms from any of the dedicated access panels. The facility’s telephones or the microphones at dedicated access panels can both be used to produce voice messages.


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